Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sadly, during the move, This pair did not make it, they have passed - and it was very heartbreaking.

This will be the end of this blog page.

RIP Nasimah and Azizi...... for now

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Doing well.

Well- today is, of course, February 22nd, so just jumping online to give a quick entry to this pair. They are doing very well. Feeding is healthy- and harmonious, lol- they do not act aggressive toward one another in the least, especially during feeding. The female has become quite fond of the male. I have removed the clay pot, as it appears only he was using it. She sleeps under the pot. Upon removing it, I have been able to spot her hiding place. She has actually moved the sand bed, to hollow out a little 'cave' for the two of them. I have left that be, as it does not appear that the rockwork will fall in over them- it is sturdy. So they are happy with their hidden home :)
I have left the base of the terra cotta pot in the tank - along the left side - to hopefully prompt her to lay her eggs there. It would be ideal! (for me, lol!) As then I would be able to get to them, and photograph them as needed/wanted :)
The male's headstripe is coming in very nicely- a beautiful yellow- golden change from the already now bright white :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Maroons are doing very well - I am pleased to say.
I am hoping they will soon begin to lay their eggs, but it is too soon to tell.
They are eating very well, they are so healthy and happy together- I can't wait to see how many babies they create :) That is the exciting part, as I am sure their clutch size will be much more than that of my Ocellaris pairs.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yeah!! It is a Success :) !!

So far Nasimah has accepted Azizi - here is a little footage I have been taking over the past few days-

Chelles' Maroons

I am very happy with how well they are getting along so quickly.

It has been awhile since I have played with the add-ons on my Blogger, so you will have to click the link above until I remember how to add my videos, lol!


Azizi comes home :)

Thursday night  I stopped by Ocala Aquariums after work and brought home the new GSM Bill had gotten in.

This fish is an exceptional looking fish- very nice coloring, a perfect size.... his head stripe is just beginning to turn golden!

I am so happy with him .... let's hope that Nasimah is just as happy!

I have acclimated him to the tank water, fed Nasimah - then turned the lights out and placed him in the tank.

Well.... only time will tell. She went right for the new addition. Nasimah nipped and darted at (the soon-to-be) male. But with the lights left off, he managed to find a hiding spot, and she has calmed down. She is now going over to him here and there- checking him out. She is curious, and I am hoping that is all it is. Curiousity will, with all my hopes, end in a nicely mated pair :)

Welcome Azizi! Now get to cuddling Nasimah and make happy lil' babies! :) lol xoxo

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Beginning.....

Today is the beginning of this journey -
The Maroon Clownfish.
Scientific term : Premnas biaculeatus
Personal Identification : Nasimah & Azizi

I chose Malaysian names (Googled a list of Malaysian baby names, as this particular species comes from Malaysia)- and I like how they sound :)

Today I purchased the female (Nasimah) - she is BEAUTIFUL. Possibly 3 years (give or take) in maturity, is about 3 inches in size, and is just plain pretty. Deep Maroon coloring with bold Gold Stripes.

I am on the lookout for a mate for her, in hopes of introducing them - fingers crossed they will bond, and then make lots of beautiful babies together :)

That is the plan- however, we know what happens when we plan. Life is not a guarantee. So I have one of the LFS (Ocala Aquariums) looking for a small male for me, and I will be introducing him into the tank slowly- to be certain the female will not attack / kill the new male. If this does happen, and is not able to work itself out- then I will have to remove him and start anew.

I will be adding to this journal regularly, as data dictates. As well as keeping tabs on my other blogs. I have decided to create a separate blog for each pair- thus making it easier to share my findings / excitement / lessons learned along the way.

Feel free to follow along, and comment as the urge takes over :)

Wish me well in my journey of Captive Bred Marine Life :)